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  • The best temperature to sleep well is between 16° C and 20° C. Such temperature ensures you do not feel cold or hot and sleep well.
  •  If you use heating devices that dry up the air, put in the room an open vessel filled with water to enable the water evaporate.
  • If you sleep on a latex mattress, do not put it right on the floor, since this way you plug its air channels and decrease its aeration capacity. Put the latex mattress on an appropriate grid or on the supports specially designed for. 
  • It is useful to know that for a night's time a person secretes approximately 250 ml of sweat.
  • Make sure there are no floor coatings or furniture of artificial materials in the room since these may have harmful emissions. Take in consideration that wall-to-wall carpets are not suitable for the bedrooms as they retain lots of dust and microorganisms and can hardly be cleaned up efficiently.
  • If you share the bed with you partner, but you have different heights and weights, you had better choose a latex mattress in order to enjoy independent movements and sleeping. Besides, latex mattresses can be manufactured with nuclei of different hardness as to suit everybody's physical data.
  • Take in consideration that the latex mattresses can be used for more than 20 years. And what is more, during that period you will not need to think about what you sleep on or make useless expenses.
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