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Individual Support



What if you or your partner have a different body weight and because of this you need your specific firmness and at the same time you understand the importance of your partner comfort?

Or just simply you want a different firmness comfort than this to your partner.

We have a solution for this specific cases- individual support1

Individual support provide an option your half of the mattress to be with some of our range of firmnesses - Soft ;Medium ; Firm ; Super Firm 

Just choose your model mattress and contact us. Send us an email or call us and share with us that you need a mattress with Individual comfort. We will support you with consultation with idea your investment to be correct.


Email; sales@latexdesign.co.uk.   Mobile 07491965733    Landline 0800 193 2177


After your request and our consultation your custom latex mattress will be manufactured with your specification and you and your partner will be happy with our individual support.


Please keep in mind our firmness range:


Soft  (S) -63 kg. per cubic meter  ( not recommended for heavy persons) for persons with maximum weight 55 kg. 


Medium (M)  - 75 kg. per cubic meter. This is standard marketing firmness.  


Firm (F) - 83 kg. per cubic meter. This firmness is recommended for persons over 95 kg.


Supper Firm (2F)- 90 kg.per cubic meter. This firmness is recommended for persons over 130 kg. You must contact us if you need your mattress with 2F firmness.

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