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Latex Specification

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The foam-latex is a relatively new material and its wide-ranging applications were discovered in the 20th c. Due to its capacity to reject all kind of micro organisms  (causing different allergies) its initial application in the USA and West Europe was mainly for the manufacture of mattresses and pillows meant for medical units. Later on, after long years of laboratory tests, it was proven that the use of foam-latex mattresses with different orthopedic zones could treat a series of medical conditions such as spinal and neck injures, sleeping disorders and degeneration diseases.

This is only the technology of treatment of the foam-latex that allows the manufacture of mattresses with three types of general hardness (S - mild, M - middle, F- hard) as well as the differentiation of different number of orthopedic zones with varying density. These zones are yet called 'zones of comfort' and are obtained as a result of the specially designed 3-dimension structure. They are meant to ensure even support of the spine as well as full relaxation of the muscles all along the human body. Different models of LATEX mattresses are manufactured with 3, 5 and 7 zones of comfort.

The foam-latex is an extremely flexible material, which takes the shape of the human body, follows its outlines and thus provides it with ergonomic support. Furthermore, the mattresses made of this modern material contribute to reduce the muscle tension in the whole body, ensure orthopedic support of the spine, help the blood circulation and guarantee sound sleeping. The anatomic foam-latex pillows ensure the correct position of the neck  so that the head and the neck could relax over the night.

Among all known materials for the production of mattresses this is the foam-latex that possess the highest degree of elastic restoration - it regains its initial shape after multiple and long-lasting deformations. This feature guarantees the extremely long life of the foam-latex mattresses.

Even if you have not thought of it, the latex has already become an integral part of your everyday life. It is on the walls of your home as well as it is part of your furniture, car tires, insoles, children's balls and balloons, baby's pacifiers, condoms, mattresses and pillows - it is all around you. The latex gets more and more new areas of our everyday life. Practically, most of the products that you believe made of either rubber of foam plastics are in reality made of latex.

The latex is a milk white liquid that consists of miniature rubber particles extracted from rubber trees. This liquid is turned into foam-latex by introducing air, beating to foam and then dispersing finely the substance by a special robot. Аaluminium needles introduce heat and vulcanize the mixture. This operation results in air channels, which ensure the natural ventilation and turn the foam-latex into a 'breathing' material.

The production process and all parameters of the mixture are monitored and checked electronically over the entire cycle. Every product is tested for flexibility and resistance. In order to measure the equivalent of 10-year use of a mattress or a pillow, the item is submitted to 80 000 chocks for a 19-hour test period.

The foam-latex does not cause allergies. If you have heard of such problems, these had been certainly caused by the medial latex. The main reason of such kind of allergies is a protein contained in the natural latex, which is not contained in the foam-latex produced under the norms and standards of ecology and safety. The foam-latex produced does not contain proteins being able to cause allergies. But if you are still concerned about allergies, please take in consideration that your body gets never in contact with the foam-latex itself as the mattress is first covered by an internal cotton slip and than by a specially treated anti-allergy and antibacterial textile.

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