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latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD

Coconut Late (Double 135x190x20 cm)

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Coconut mattress is made of alternating LATEX and layer coconut. The natural qualities of latex gives softness and comfort, and appropriately positioned layers coconut - additional stability and support the back. Latex Mattress Coconut is durable sensitive to subsidence over time, retaining its orthopedicall for many years. Coconut inserts are made of coconut fiber covered with natural latex for greater elasticity and endurance. Adding coconut inserts provides ventilation and moisture control. Dressed in removable zippered pouch. The time at which you can enjoy its unique qualities, is more than 10 years. 100% natural product. Particularly suitable for children - antiallergic, breathing, healthy. Latex mattress -Coconut is the best solution for your comfort and sleep.