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latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD

Decorative Latex Pillow- 100% Latex with Organic Shape Widths 18 Lengths 60 Heights 14 cm

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Decorative Latex Pillow with Organic Shape 

 Made of 100% breathing LATEX, the pillow creates a fresh and healthy sleep environment through its open cell structure and ventilation channels. Natural latex is an antistatic antibacterial material that does not allow for the spread of dust mites thus offering you the greatest protection during rest

  • Quality Natural Latex Decorative Pillow  Widths 18 Lengths 60 Heights 14 cm
  • 100% breathable latex Anti- allergic Antibacterial . Latex is the best flexible material in the world
  • Breathable Solid Latex Core - Dunlop Technology Cover - consistent with the quality of the product
  • Cllasic pillow which is not flattened, with a plurality of vertical grooves providing natural ventilation of air. This pillow will make you forget the neck pain forever.
  • 2 years Guaranty / Quality Product / No toxic .No support foam / Healthy Latex for healthy sleep
  • monolithic latex
  • Luxury pillow

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