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Mattress Latex AIR AIR 100% Latex Solid LATEX Core Quality mattress 100% LATEX CORE (Euro King 160/200/20)

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Mattress made to create an ideal sleep environment. Core specifically developed after research aimed at high elasticity, better ventilation and improved comfort. aiRaiR Latex mattress is a monobloc structure built by a system of vertical channels that operate independently of one another. Different parts of the body are supported by different size channels - a unique feeling of relaxation. Vertical holes from end to end - ensure continuous ventilation, controlling the heat and humidity of the body. Suitable for two people sleeping - movements in either half of the mattress does not cause movements in the other half. The time in which you can enjoy its unique qualities, more than 10 years. Latex mattress - aiRaiR is the best solution for your comfort and sleep. aiRaiR Latex mattress is made of German textile, enriched with silver ions. For this purpose, the unique Argentano?? nanotechnology methods have been used The aiR aiR Latex core layer has seven areas of different hardness, including a special shoulder-support area. They create a balanced orthopedic support for the spine in its entire length Thanks to the specially developed surface channels along the entire width and length of the mattress, folding and unfolding of the mattress is a lot easier. The double-side flexibility of the aiR aiR Latex core layer ensures that the movements in either half of the mattress do not cause movements in the other one. This gives you a relaxing sleep, regardless of your partner?s movements. Such mattresses are ideal for adjustable mattress frames The aiR aiR Latex core layer relieves all tension points of the body, especially shoulders and hips. This ensures better blood circulation, less tossing and turning and a deeper and more relaxing sleep The aiR aiR Latex is a mattress of unique design. The vertical channels of the core layer are open in both ends, ensuring continuous air circulation. This provides fresh air and dissipates body moisture