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About Us

  •  email: sales@latexdesign.co.uk

    Our Mission is to provide a Healthy and Clean latex mattresses,pillows, toppers and .latex foam solutions We manufactured only 100% SOLID LATEX - without  any type of  another foams or springs. Just Clean Healthy 100% Latex.

  • Manufactured in EU

  • For us our latex is not only a mattress or pillows  - this s a vision for healthy sleeping environment with all latex qualities.
  • This mission is not only we to make something for £1 and to sell the same for £2. No is not this. We want to give something to our clients we want to give a natural environment for healthy sleep. We want to make a change. We want to be this company that you are so  happy and proud because we exist, because our products exist and make our clients happy. We want to be a your personal revolution! Revolution which generate evolution. Evolution for your healthy sleep and comfort. 

  • We just collect from natura a latex milk  and shaping him in latex mattress 
    • We are : Latex Design  LTD
    • We believe in our quality in our healthy products
    • We work in all EU
    • Latex Design LTD is based in UK  
    • Contact information Phone 074 91965733

 Business Name Latex Design LTD

Latex Design LTD Company Number 11325369

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 Latex Design  -  conceptual design for healthy sleep.