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delivery and returns

DELIVERY  process take between 10-15 days. 

Our couriers are DHL, DPD, ANY VANS & TUFFNELLS. We will provide all details and information for your delivery after your order.

Delivery for mattresses is included in price for UNITED KINGDOM.

We have international delivery option for EUROPE.


Return is free. Refund is 100% guaranteed

Before the return we will send a special package if yours is not in good condition.

Before recollection your mattress must be packaged with our transport package.

Is a client responsibility packaging to be done before recollection.


For us is important our clients satisfaction. Our hi-quality latex mattresses and our customer support follow the same hi-quality standards.


Delivery process is important.

This is the final important final step after your order.

What is important?

Mattress is not a small item.  Actually is one of the biggest furniture at all. 

Mattresses are heavy- this process is not for only one person.

We definitely recommend installation process to be with. 2 persons.

Good news is that almost all of our models arriving with VACUUM ROLLED package.

Models without rolled option are COCOS, CORAL ,MEDICUS, LATEX GEL-  all other models arriving with VACUUM ROLLED PACKAGE.

Mattresses with firmness F arriving unrolled with special transport package.

DELIVERY TIME FRAME between 10-15 days after your order.

We will provide supporting and tracking information - we know that this final process is important.

Our partner for delivery is DHL. and TUFFNELLS Courier , also we use and our special transport in the territory in London

You must keep in mind that drivers are not respond for final installation, but there is a big chance after small amount driver to help you with final installation.

We have strong and good packaging. Our mattresses arrived with 2 plastic layers and special delivery textile bag.

Rolled package  make final delivery process easy. When you unpack your rolled mattress is good to leave him  2-3 hours to stay without exploration ( is normal to have some basic smell- don’t worry she will disappear after a few days, this is normal-because packaging don’t provide a option for some models  for air circulation ) 

If for some reason our clients receive a mattress with damaged covers. We wis send only new cover  (not whole mattress). 

We know that after delivery is done - your new healthy solution is ready and your new latex mattress will improve the quality of sleep.

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