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Difference between Dunlop and Talalay latex



Situation between Talalay and Dunlop technology is just  simple.

Talalay is the  first technology Dunlop is the newest

Talаlаy Technology poured into the latex matrix formulation

Dunlop is with vulcanisation process in the latex matrix

This mean that with Dunlop same latex milk is injected directly in mattress shape with pressure for a higher latex density

Vulcanisation process ( Dunlop Technology) provide more guaranty that

there is not a bubble in the latex core because of vulcanisation

Dangerous for the latex mattresses is this  bubbles. They provide a

option the mattress  to sinking and this is the  advantage who Dunlop

Technology have and that's why Dunlop is the newest technology

Both technology  use the same material - latex.-just тhe method of

forming the shape of the mattress is different

We see also the combinations between Tallalay and  Dunlop and this

just marketing trick

There is no need of this and  both combination give the same firmness

and  same density if they  follow the firmness standards

There is a manufacturing standards regarding the  firmness for all



The standards for firmness is


Soft  (S) -53 kg per cubic meter  ( not recommended for heavy people)

Medium (M) - 63 kg per cubic meter. This is standard marketing firmness. All  mattresses in the market are with this firmness 

Firm (F) - 75 kg. per cubic meter. This is recommended for one of the people is over 95 kg. This mean that if your personal body is over 95 kg - not combination between 2 partners.

.And  both technologies are good and with  both technologies give

a good mattress if they are 100% solid latex.







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