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sleep as a process and dreams

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This theme is more than big and important. Scientists in present times don’t have the full picture of sleeping process.

What we know about our sleep and dreams?

Sleeping is one heathy and important mystery with mission to provide to us strength, clean and positive mind, logic,body energy and to support rehabilitation in all our function and all bio processes in our body systems.

In fact our brain work with more capacity when we sleep. In the same time our brain switch off some of the functions in our brain and increase another functions with more brain capacity.Our brain use more of our capacity when we sleep -this i very interesting fact.

After this science analysis the big question is. Maybe we are more clever when we dreaming and sleeping? We will leave this answer to your vision and personality. But we can say categorically that:

The power of dreams is real!

Dreaming process is more than important!

We believe that environment for your dream is with general importance. This is one of the reason that we believe in our latex mattresses and pillows create  unique personal comfortable.orthopaedic and ergonomic  space.

This place belonging to your personal  healthy recovery process.

This place belonging to your personal relaxation.

This place belonging to your love.

Mattress is most personal furniture.

Mattress is your place, your comfortable and healthy zone.


Latex is unique natural material.

Latex mean flexibility. Latex foam means best elasticity. Latex foam means best position for your body in the best natural product.

Latex mattresses are great partner for your sleeping program 

The general reasons that we believe in our latex foams mattresses because they are best healthy provider to your sleeping processes and dreams.

Latex is just - healthy environment for your sleep and dreams.

This same healthy, natural, ergonomic, anatomical environment is OUR IMPORTANT MISSION!

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