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Questions and Answers

If I order an item todaywhen will it be dispatched and how long will it take to arrive?
Please see our shipping policy above for moredetails.

Non-mainland UK addresses may take slightlylonger and may incur a delivery charge. If you think this may apply to youplease contact us and we will be happy to check.

Can I request a time for delivery, and do youdeliver at the weekends?
We're sorry you cannot specify a particular timefor your delivery.

Does the courier charge extra for offshore UKdeliveries?
Our couriers make an additional charge fordeliveries to non-mainland UK addresses, Scottish Islands, etc. Thesedeliveries may also take a little longer. Please contact us prior to purchasingfor a quote.

Can you ship outside the UK?
We can deliver to addresses outside the UK.Please contact us prior to purchase to discuss your requirements.

My mattress has arrived but it appears to besmaller than I ordered?
Unless requested otherwise, most of our foam andmemory foam mattresses are compress packaged and rolled for convenientdelivery, so they will appear much smaller than they actually are. The mattresswill revert to its original size within a few hours of being unpackaged.

I've opened my mattress but it hasn'texpanded to its full size.
Some memory foam mattresses can take longer thanothers to reach their full size. Using the mattress will help it become suppleand expand as it reacts to your body temperature. We ask all our customers toallow 24 hours from opening before contacting us with this issue as this willgive the mattress the time it needs to fully expand and relax.

What is latex and makes it different from othermaterials used in bedding?

Latexrubber is an all natural material derived from the sap of the Rubber Tree,Hevea brasiliensis. The trees are a renewable and sustainable resource, foundplentifully in places such as Sri Lanka and other parts of southeast Asia,where plantation management assures resourceful access to latex for generationsto come. When shaped and molded into bed mattresses using various formingtechniques, it yields a resilient and unique sleep surface which is naturallyantimicrobial, resists mold and mildew, is antifungal, and is not tolerated bydust mites and other allergens. It does not settle or pack down over time, andsleeps cool in summer and warm in winter because of its inherent breathabilityand open cell structure. It is extremely durable, unlike many other petroleumbased foams which tend to degrade and discolor over time, and has a lifespan ofover 20 years with undue deterioration. Also, there is a distinction to be madebetween natural latex rubber, and the man made synthetic version, which is apetroleum based product. Some people claim that the synthetic version canproduce "off-gassing" of petroleum based chemicals, but little isknow about this. The synthetic version of latex is almost indistinguishable asfar as feel, thought the synthetic material is not quite as soft as thenatural.

Why would I purchase a latex bed instead of amemory foam bed, air bed, or pillow top?

Latex hasunique properties that make it different from other sleep surfaces. It tends tobe more elastic, responds faster to body shifting than many "memoryfoam" materials, and will not bucket or indent like many pillow topmattresses, due to body impressions. Because it is not made from petroleumbased materials, and is a naturally derived resource, there is no need forconcern about off-gassing or leaching of chemicals from the mattress. A Latexbed assists in improving circulation by softening pressure points without the"caved-in" feel, and tends to provide a "hovering" kind ofsensation rather than a settled in or nestled feeling.

I sleep really hot. Will a latex bed providesome benefit?

Among manyof the characteristics of Latex is its ability to effectively dissipate heat.This is due to its open cell structure and the fact that it is less dense thanmemory foam and other bedding materials, which some people find warmer thanother sleep surfaces. In fact, many folks end up researching Latex beds for thesole purpose of finding a bed which does not "sleep hot".

I live in Wisconsin, and have really coldwinters..my memory foam bed is like a rock..will a Latex bed be any different?

Latex ishighly elastic, even in cooler climes. Since memory foam material istemperature reactive because of its higher density, it aggressively responds tolower temperatures by becoming much stiffer, the colder it gets. Of course, itreacts equally as fast to a warm body, but in very cold environments, this maytake some time. Expect latex bedding to be more reactive and responsive, evenduring colder times of year, or if you prefer to keep your ambient roomtemperature a little lower.

What kind of warranty do I get with my Latexbed?

We offer a20 Year Factory Warranty with every bed we sell. This means that the warrantycovers you for a full 20 years.

How long will my Latex bed last?

We providea 20 year Factory Warranty, but this author has seen Natural Latex beds whichdate from the 1970's, still pliable, flexible, a little worn from use, butamazingly intact. When treated with proper care and used in a typical householdenvironment, it can be reasonably expected to last 20-30 years, especially ifyou use a protective water proof barrier on top of the mattress.

I have an allergy to Natural Latex...should Iorder one of your beds?

If you havea known severe allergic responsive, causing respiratory issues, we probablywould advise against it..however, many folks with contact dermatitis, usuallycaused by latex proteins on latex gloves, etc, do fine. This is largely due tothe fact that during the manufacturing process, the mattresses are rinsed andsqueezed ("wrung out") 3 times with potable (drinkable) water to washaway all latex proteins. Also, using our mattress protector (which can be addedto your mattress purchase)will eliminate transfer of latex proteins to thesurface of the mattress.

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