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We provide 4 variations of firmness for natural latex 


Soft  (S) -63 kg. per cubic meter  ( not recommended for heavy persons) for persons with maximum weight 55 kg. 

 Medium (M)  - 75 kg. per cubic meter. This is standard marketing firmness.  

 Firm (F) - 83 kg. per cubic meter. This firmness is recommended for persons over 95 kg.

Supper Firm (2F)- 90 kg.per cubic meter. This firmness is recommended for persons over 130 kg. You must contact us if you need your mattress with 2F firmness


Don’t forget the huge advantages of latex mattress - ADOPTIVE PROCESS IS INSTANT!

 About sinking ( addictive ) process 


In general importance is sinking process. That’s why we separate our mattresses  in 7 Body Zones with idea every zone to provide individual support to the body.


This feature has the massive function to stabilize the anatomical position of the body. This means that sinking process is in regulation and every zone has its own function to support the anatomical position and spinal health.


This function of the zones combined with the elasticity and firmness of the latex guarantee a healthy sleep - relaxation for muscles and spinal health.

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We provide and option your double ,king  or  super king mattress to be with 2 separated zones 


VIDEO Adoptive process and latex foam