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10 years for core Every core have a Unique code, same  this code provide a history of manufacturing process. We have monitoring option with same code - date and history of manufacturing process.


Our guarantee regarding some deformation or sinking


The surface of the mattress must be without this damages and sinking


If there is a  some of this problem we will delivered to you new latex  core.


Our guarantee regarding latex core only

Mattress cover is without guarantee. If you need a new cover for your mattress contact us and we will provide a price and delivery information.


You must know that we make investigation if we have guarantee return,

10 years is the guarantee for the core,we know that the normal life to your mattress is 20 -25 years.


For returning process we must send you special mattress bag, special for this process. Please be careful when you prepare your packaging with core,for return!

Don’t forget that latex mattress is heavy product!

Please make your packaging for return with 2 persons!  Your health is more important than everything else in this preparation.

Latex Mattress Coral is  with 5 year Guarantee


Latex Mattresses NATURA, LUX ( 20, 18 16  cm )BIO AIR PRO, MEDICUS,COCONUT, MEMORY GOLD, MEMORY LUX.    - 10 Years Guarantee.

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