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We are more than proud of our packaging. Our packaging has proven itself over time. 

Our packaging is from 2 plastic layers and a special transport bag with zip  This combination provides a secure final delivery process.  Same this textile bag is possible to be not so good condition when your mattress or cover arrives in your home. Idea here same to be a secured solution with protective function. For us in general importance is your mattress to arrive clean and in good condition Packaging is just a protective shield. Mattresses are heavy items and all logistical operations are heavy as well.   

Please see the video with our packaging. 

All our toppers arrived rolled (again with same packaging conception - 2 plastic layers and transport bag with zip)

Not rolled mattresses- all with firmness Firm or 2Firm (because of highest density)

Models Bio Air Pro , Bio Air Organic, Naturalis, Cotton & Wool, Medicus, Morpheus 

Rolled mattresses- all variations of models LUX without firmness Firm and 2 Firm

Another good option that our packaging provide is when your mattress is delivered flat ( not rolled ) you are able to keep your packaging and to use the same for your mattress when you want to transport your mattress.

 Video packaging