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Returns Policy

Dear Clients


The price  here  is with one way delivery. You have 14 days option - trying period 

We would accept it if the return is made within 5 days from receiving the product and if the mattress is in an intact condition. Please note that we do not make full  refund for returned mattresses  in not good  condition

For Returns:
Please Deliverer to us the  product in good condition ( Clean)  and  we  refund your  money 
The cost  of  return  is your engagement if the return is organised and confirmed 5  days after receiving 
For mattress  return  please   use the  special transport  bag with who  our  mattress arrived.
With  this  bag and plastic  layer with who our  mattresses is  packaging your return  will be clean and with out  damages
We make  a refund  to  your  money  when the  item  arrived to our storage in the address  here.
If  we see that  the cover  of the mattress  is dirty - we will take the  cost  for the cover -75 GBP
To be  everything  correct and  with out damages please use our  packaging materials  - Incompatible or not useful for intended purpose
We  cant support you to organize the return the  price   for this is 55 GBP for UK and 97 GBP for other countries ( this prices  is  for mattresses not for pillows )
When we organised with our courier  your return - please  use our  packaging material ( transport  bag with zip and plastic  layer )
For Pillows return  coast 10 GBP
For Topper  return -coast 15 GBP
Address for return

Big Yellow Edmonton Reception
8 Advent Way
London N18 3AF