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Latex Mattress Classic LUX H-18 cm 100% Latex with 7 zones Solid LATEX Core Quality 100% Latex CORE -NO TOXIC (Single 90/190/18 cm)

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Mattress produced to create the perfect environment for sleep. Dressed in removable zippered pouch. The time at which you can enjoy its unique qualities, is more than 10 years. Latex mattress - Luxury is the best solution for your comfort and sleep. LATEX mattresses are extremely comfortable, with the unique feature that makes them follow your body curves LUX is 7 zones mattress. LATEX mattresses feature areas of different hardness, based on human body structure. The areas of high hardness in the hip and shoulder zones are the most significant ones. Through the seven hardness areas LATEX mattresses create balanced orthopaedic support to the spine in its entire length Sleep is an active process whereby we toss and turn about 30 to 60 times. Latex elasticity facilitates body movement during the nigh Mattresses made of 100% breathing latex create a fresh and healthy sleep environment through their open cell structure and ventilation channels Natural latex is an antistatic antibacterial material that does not allow for the spread of dust mites thus offering you the greatest protection during rest