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Mattress Memory Latex GOLD-100% Latex Solid LATEX Core Quality Affordable 100% LATEX CORE (Euro KIng 160/200/20 cm)

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The new mattress is a revolutionary product which combines latex andfoam-Memorylatex ?. Created by combining 7-Zone latex core and a unique 7-zoneMemorylatex ? layer. The result is a comfortable anatomic mattress combining the two features: elasticity of the core latex and memory effect of the top layer of Memory where you can enjoy its unique qualities, has over 10 years. Memory mattress is the best solution for your comfort and sleep. Memorylatex? represents a latex foam of microscopic ?memory? cells that are able to regain their original shape ? the so called memory pockets. Under the influence of the sleeping person?s body temperature and weight, these memory pockets change their shape and adapt to his or her body curves. This memory effect is distributed along the mattress surface in such a way, so that each centimeter of the body is being supported. This releases the tension in the spine and the joints, helps muscles relax, improves blood circulation and provides a better sleep The base of the mattress represents a 14cm elastic latex foam core layer with orthopedic functions. This layer ensures the right distribution of body weight and the right physiological position of the spine. The exceptional comfort and high anatomic features are due to the unique 4cm Memorylatex? upper layer. Under the influence of the body temperature and weight it takes the shape of the body, ?memorizes? it and follows it by adapting to its curves. This provides ideal body support, helps muscles relax and ensures maximum comfort for a better sleep