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latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD

Latex mattress MEMORYLATEX® LUX - 7 zones Cover with Zip Unique Technology H 20 cm

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Product Details

Mattress is a new unique conception between latex foam and memory foam.Layer from Memorylatex® - combination between latex and memory  effect, this unique combination is Memorylatex®

Innovative product provides the firmness of the latex and effect of memory foam Give a quality comfort. This model is without analog on the market. Memorylatex® conception is based on Dunlop Technology and is important that the layer of Memorylatex® is manufactured on the latex foam base. The core is breathable structure with breathable channels and 7 Support Body Zones Cover is with Zip and is easy for remove and clean. The layer of Memorylatex® keeps the body shapes. The latex have effect to keep the body temperature and to provide cool feeling in the summer and warm in the winter. The 7 Support Body Zones -The areas of high hardness in the hip and shoulder zones are the most significant ones. Through the seven hardness areas mattress create balanced orthopedic support to the spine in its entire length

Is important to know that  our memorylatex@  is  not  based  on the  polyester foam.Our memorylatex@ is based on the latex base and this make our memorylatex@ with more elasticity  Standard memory foam return your shape after 12 sec.in our memorylatex@ this process is in 5 sec. - because our memorylatex@ is with bigger elasticity.

  • 4 cm layer combination between memory foam and latex and 14 cm 100% Solid Latex with 7 Support Body Zones. This layer of Memorylatex® is unique combination between memory foam and latex foam- Memorylatex® H-20 cm. with the cover
  • This mattress provide the effect of the memory but with combination with latex foam this Memorylatex® give more firmness to the normal memory foam This 4 cm. layer of Memorylatex® is with 7 Support Body Zones too.
  • The core is 4 cm. and 14 cm solid latex with 7 Support Body Zones. This core gives a option the mattress to be used like only latex when you turn him on the side without Memorylatex® and just be used like normal latex foam mattress with 7 Support Body Zones
  • The cover is Cover with Zip - breathable German Textile combination between Cotton and Viscous DUNLOP technology with 7 Zones and Breathable Latex and - Memorylatex® FIRMNESS Medium (M) standard means that the firmness of the mattress is 63 kg per cubic meter. Independent reference point
  • • 10 years Guaranty for the core/ Quality Product / No toxic .No Springs .No support foam / Healthy Latex for healthy sleep Certificate of Quality ISO 14001, ISO 15001, ISO 5001 - For more size option - Contact us
  • Quality Mattress Unique Technology

What is foam latex

  Foam-Latex is the most flexible material in nature. Derived from the rubber tree Havea Brasiliensis, it always restores its original shape after repeated and prolonged strain to which it subjected to daily body - and so ensure that his long life. But a premium foam-latex product primarily because it provides a dream - he took all movements of his body and provides maximum comfort. High-tech design allows the combination of seven separate areas of firmness, creating a constant and steady support for orthopedic spine along its entire length.Exceptional insulating properties of foam-latex provide coolness in summer and warm in winter


What is Memorylatex

Memorylatex ® is a latex foam of microscopic, "memorable" and restore its shape cells - etc. memory-pocket. Under the influence of body heat of a sleeping man, and his weight, they change shape and adapt to the curves of his body. It is this memory effect distributes the surface of the mattress so that every inch of your body has to support. This reduces tension in the spine and joints, fully relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and provides a complete dream