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latex mattress] - Latex Design LTD
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Pillow Baby Latex 100% Latex Solid Latex Core Quality Natural Organic pillow for baby Widths:30 Lengths:40 Heights: 6.5 cm.

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TMade of 100% natural and environment friendly materials. BABY LATEX pillows feature an advanced network of vertical and horizontal channels that allow air circulation through the pillow. This makes the pillows absolutely safe for your babies, even when they are sleeping on their stomach. The basic environment of natural latex does not allow for the development of microorganisms in the pillow. BABY LATEX pillows feature removable easy to wash and clean cover. The BABY LATEX Pillow follows the natural curves of your baby?s neck and head.

  • Quality Natural Latex Pillow for baby Widths:30 Lengths:40 Heights: 6.5 cm.
  • 100% breathable latex Anti- allergic Antibacterial . Latex is the best flexible material in the world
  • Breathable Latex Core - Dunlop Technology Cover - consistent with the quality of the product
  • Quality Product / No toxic .No support foam / Healthy Latex for healthy sleep
  • Baby Pillow with breathable antibacterial and anti allergic latex structure
  • healthy pillow
  • anti-dust pillow

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